If Paychecks Are Equal, What would you Choose Sarkari Naukri or Private Job?

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Would you choose Sarkari Naukri or private job if all jobs paid uniform salary? Give it a thought. Would you be doing what you doing right now? Or you shift to something else where you see some benefit? Well, if you don’t seek any change, congratulations; for being in the job which you love.

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People tend to lookout for one or other benefits in the job they do. When the paycheck is same for every job, they stop worrying about the money others make.

They commence seeing for other various benefits relating to the job. They consider parameters like working hours, work pressure, post-retirement benefits etc.

If you come across announcements like Railway Recruitment 2018 and software engineer in Microsoft, which post would you apply for?

You definitely would pick the Railway recruitment 2018. Both of the positions might pay you same but the benefits that Railway Recruitment Board render will outmatch the Microsoft.

Recently, the Uttar Pradesh government secretariat received hundreds of thousands of applications for the post of peon. The more ironic part is most of the applications were from the graduates, post-graduates, and even the Ph.D. holders.

Even before that, security guard post in a government board received huge applications from B.Tech and MBA graduates.

The craze for Sarkari Naukri is enormous.

Government jobs valued over private sector jobs. Why?

The ‘other’ benefits that a government job renders are very cherishing and make outscore private job.

  • You are supposed to work only 8 hours a day in Sarkari Naukri while there’s no time limit in private job.
  • The government job pays pension after the retirement, unlike the private sector.
  • The job in government is more secure than the job in the private sector.
  • You get benefits from government entities. Like if you get through RRB recruitment, you andyour family freely get to travel any part of the country. You don’t get any benefits in private sector.
  • The number of leaves in government or more and you get off on every public festival whereas it’s not the case in private jobs.
  • You have stressful life; you don’t get more workloads, no bosses, and deadlines for work. The private sector is full of this burden.

A case study:

A graduate Sai Prasad topped engineering with commendable marks from a reputed organization in Hyderabad. He was even placed in a couple of high profile corporate companies. The thing that hit his mind was none of those companies proposed the guarantee of regular increments and the long-haul employment. So, he decided to look for the Sarkari Naukri where it provides him leisure time, support and the guarantee that no private sector jobs would offer.


After seeing the circumstances in the government jobs and private jobs, which pay you same salary, we would like to conclude that

  1. The respect you earn as a government employee is eminent than as a private employee. Because the former implies that you serve your city, or state or the country.
  1. You look for the extra benefits that you can procure from the job you do.
  1. You look to take up the job where the work pressure is less.
  2. Prior to choosing a job, an employee would examine the job security, even though you can’t give best efforts for a job.

Finally, we would suggest, opt a job which benefits you. Choose a Sarkari Naukri over private job; in govt jobs get hired in central governments like Indian army, RRB recruitment instead of state government; because the benefits you attain are magnanimous. Besides, check Sarkari results to know whether you’ve passed the examination conducted by major boards of Indian government.

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