School Psychology Programs and your Career Options

The field of psychology is huge and graduates of any college or school psychology programs are provided with unlimited career options as well as different options for specializations and fields of expertise. 

The basic path 

Like any other college degree, school psychology programs follow the same route. You need to enroll in an undergraduate course or degree in Psychology to get into graduate programs like a Master’s Degree or acquire a license for counseling and you would need a Master’s Degree to proceed to the next graduate program which is a Doctorate or a PhD. Each college or university will have different sets of school psychology programs, which usually depends on the kind of accreditation they have with the various accrediting agencies related to psychology programs and degrees. Yet despite their difference, a psychology program from one school will have the same set of major subjects found in another school.

What are the programs available? 

There are different kinds of school psychology programs and every program may focus on one or two fields of psychology.

Forensic psychology is a relatively new field of study in psychology.

This program focuses on the study of criminal behavior and profiling, law enforcement counseling, jury selection, and other legal problems.

Child psychology focuses on the study of the emotional and intellectual development of children.

This particular program also opens doors for career paths in teaching children with special needs or treating them. The program also focuses on dealing with children who have been physically or emotionally abused and rehabilitation. The field of child psychology is currently growing because of the increasing number of children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and autism.

Behavioral psychology is the study of human behavior.

In my opinion, this is probably one of the most interesting fields in psychology because it deals with human interaction and even the study of social behavior. Most school psychology programs have integrated behavioral psychology into counseling and vice versa so there’s also a bigger chance that this program will provide you with the skills necessary to become a counselor.

Abnormal or clinical psychology focuses on mental illnesses and disorders and its corresponding treatments.

It also provides you with enough medical background if ever you are planning to take up the study of medicine to become a psychiatrist. You can also become a doctor by taking up a doctorate or PhD program but you need to have the proper licensing to be able to give prescription medications to your patients. 

Cognitive psychology is a branch of psychology which focuses on human memory, information and thought processing, problem solving and logic.

A cognitive psychologist will help you become a better learner and thinker because they will be able to pinpoint how you perceive problems and how you approach these problems by thinking of their possible solutions.

The career options of a graduate from school psychology programs are endless. The paperwork just as well. That’s why you need the help of They can enter into any industry or field of study they want because there will always be a demand for psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, human resource managers, supervisors and even teachers. If the study of the human mind fascinates you, then this course is for you.

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