A Few Practical University Degrees

If you go to www.applytouni.com

There is much more to going to university than just getting a job afterwards. These days, many people frame the usefulness of university as an effort to get a job in the field in which they studied. While a job is obviously important and going into a degree programme should have that consideration, it’s not the only thing that you gain from going to university. You can gain lifelong friendships, expand your knowledge on a wide range of subjects, and become a generally more well-rounded learner. However, you do have to keep an eye on the practicality of your degree, especially considering how much some degrees cost. So, here are a few degrees that are both practical well as creative. Those who are creative are often the most derided as the ones with less practical degrees.

Design Degrees

If you go to www.applytouni.com, you will have access to many different design classes that can help you craft a degree in design. There are several areas of design that you can choose from. There is graphic design, fashion design, and many other types that blend elements of different design programmes. If you are interested in a creative field that is more rooted than perhaps studio art or something similar, you could choose graphic design.

Graphic designers are responsible for a lot of what you see on your television and on the Internet. They often design fonts for advertisements, design company logos, and set up websites. In fact, many graphic designers in the 21st century do some work that overlaps with web designers.

If you go to www.applytouni.com

A fashion designer is someone who designs clothing. Depending on whom you are designing clothes for, you might design graphics as well. For example, if you are hired by a hotel to outfit their stuff, you’ll need to design clothes for all the different types of employees. You’ll also need to design the logo of the hotel.


Architecture is one of the most lucrative fields; it combines the artistic skills that design incorporates as well as many engineering skills. You need to be able to understand how a building is designed and what keeps it secure. You need to also design something that will look great. You need to be able to illustrate the building as well for the blueprints. Typically, this illustration is done digitally now but skills are still required to navigate them effectively.

Film Production

A film degree is often thought of as an art degree but there are practical applications as well. Companies need commercials, online videos, and many other types of camera work. There are many uses for the skills and knowledge that you gain while studying film; not all of them involve making Hollywood films or becoming a director.

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