Four Amazing Tips for English Composition Writing

composition course

When we talk about writing composition, or any kind of writing, many students stumble and find themselves in the complete blank state. They need to struggle hard to come with different ideas and put them in proper words and meaning. Sure, there’re helper words, prompts and pictures to help with the composition writing, but often, these words or phrases are not much lived in the children’s stories. To write well, we have to know how to use the prompts.

Use Common Composition Structure

Whenever writing any English composition, it’s very important to know its primary parts. The typical composition in English Language includes heading, introduction, body and conclusion. Let us understand each one of them:


When you are choosing title for the composition, ensure it relates to your presented content. Keep this very short and catchy that will grab your reader’s attention immediately. The good title will range from 2 to many words and you must not use heading that appears very long or complex.


Next very important thing is your introductory paragraph. It generally allows your reader to know what the composition is all about or makes them to follow to its main part. Thus, always ensure that your introduction:

  • Prepares your audience or reader to follow;
  • Is very interesting to hook your reader’s attention;
  • Needs to be clear and not very lengthy.
  • Allows your reader to know what the composition is all about;

composition courseSuppose your introduction ever fails to catch your reader’s attention, you have not done the good job. You need to consider inserting any dialogue, some intriguing facts, or shocking information or any joke that can grab your reader’s attentions.

Main Body

After your introductory paragraph, you need to make the smooth transition to main part of the composition. It is a part where your main story comes. The good body must support the statement that you have made in the introduction part. It’s where you need to express your thoughts, ideas and feelings on the given topic.

When writing, keep following things in your mind:

  • Keep your sentences short and simple for the reader to follow your ideas or thoughts;
  • Avoid any complex structures or expressions;
  • Use only transitional words or phrases that can connect the paragraphs and sentences.

Remember that main body is a heart of your English composition, for this reason pays more attention to the main points.


Conclusion is a final part of the composition. Do not end the story abruptly; you need to take a little time to conclude your work beautifully. Ensure that last paragraph of the composition is very simple and summarizes main idea of the writing piece, and not presents any new points or opinions.

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