Pinpoint Precision Is Always A Hard Thing To Achieve

Pinpoint Precision Is Always A Hard Thing To Achieve


There is always an element of uncertainty and a level of error and mistakes that will happen in any sort of field where there are generic aspect involved and where there are results that come by the thousands and not the hundreds. With that kind of a number it is not possible to make the assumption that everything will be perfect and that whatever was done in the form of research or any kind of a survey is flawless with any number of inspections and revaluations that may lead the people who are checking it to be proved otherwise. The same way when we take up things in life there really cannot be anything that is error-free and that something can never be condoned for not being error-free in the fact that because people are involved and these are not machines and actual living breathing people they are bound to make some sort of errors ranging from a simple spill of the coffee by a waiter on a guest to not getting an accurate IQ test of a candidate in a job interview because there were problems with the machines or the tests themselves that were supposed to be verified by human beings and as a matter of fact, there was a mistake.

accurate IQ test

The Inevitability Of Events

Whenever there is something in the world that has been made to happen on something else, it is most likely that it will happen. Not to quote Murphy’s law or anything but that law does have some form of truth behind it that whatever events can happen are bound to happen one way or another. A simple accurate IQ test will be the difference between a person getting a particular job and supporting his or her family and then a person being selected to defend the country in the intelligence department of the army of a certain country, whatever be the reason the eventuality and the inevitability of things is the only thing that is the compelling factor in this aspect.


How do we really know that something is good for us and how do we know which of the events that happen in our lives to embrace and the ones to discard and not give heed to, since all these events happen in a random fashion? That is the big question.

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