Study, Interact and Learn From the Best in Town

Study, Interact and Learn From the Best in Town

Who or what is Foundry?

Have you heard of Have you been searching for the best educational websites? Right here and now, I am about to give you a more profound and insightful answer. Read on, and maybe you will later come to thank me. At, this is where best practices regarding creative education and industry co-exist. We are representing an innovative and result oriented model and approach to post-secondary studies in Australia for this generation and generations to come. Foundry’s strategy that makes it stand out among other educational websites is that it goes in real, right and precisely.  From industry-relevant education to ensuring a face to face delivery among subscribers in various areas in the region, we offer truly unique studies in creative fields among other areas.

What to find in

The Foundry Pathway

The Foundry Pathway is an informative strategic package taught in two broad but effective methodologies namely Specialized Skills and the Universal Thinking. These methodologies and commonly referred to as “tracks” instill in learners both theoretical and practical technical skills. These skills are very vital on creative education domain which is our defining ethos. The two have a significant impact on all the creative disciplines that we offer to our learners. The pathway starts with:

Creative education

The Wild

This stage takes the first six months of any of the foundry pathway you chose to follow. It is packaged as an exceptional and exclusive training model and designed towards focusing on instilling relevant and up to date industry skills in learners. It was developed after comprehensive research on best industry practices in consultation and collaboration with lead industry players in different sectors. This research is always ongoing to enable the program to remain relevant, competitive and fresh.  The programme is put into perspective together with strategic but unique thinking and problem tackling ways, techniques, and methodologies. These together sets individuals to a path of success in their field of specialization and even go far beyond.

The pathway entails learning to think critically, engage in creative activities and chose a specialization of your liking. In the Foundry Pathway learners get a chance to interact with the very best in the various industries, get a chance to have deeper learning on practical skills in our labs. This process makes top among the best educational websites in Australia.

Practical lessons learnt in the wild stage

This stage is the foundation of all other pivots of learning. It is an essential starting point and anchors all forms of design geared and applied towards solving real-life problems. Learners also get introduced into the Foundry culture, heritage and the education models that we offer. We present to our learners’ Creative education in a wide range of fields. This primary stage anchors learners on relevant and applicable industrial skills from a well-established and refined content administered by highly experienced professionals.

Course specialization

Specialization is based on the area of focus on the various creative fields. The skills you chose to pursue are used to determine your specialty and tools of use. Combined with the application of creative thinking, a learner gets theoretical and practical skills, and by the time they leave, they are ready to work and confident to deliver results that are quality and excellent.

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