The Best British Kindergarten School in Bangkok for Young Generation

Most recommended school for early year student

Bangkok as a capital city of Thailand has grown as one of big city in Asia. To enhance the education level, government has work with private parties to support the international school development. It is starting from Early Years program until Secondary Year program. As one of the world leading international school, Ascot built as one of British Kindergarten School in Bangkok with various supporting facilities.

Different from the general school, this international school follows the England and Wales National Curriculum with some modification to adjust with Thai education requirement. English as second language apply as daily conversation language to enable student to practice their English language with their friends, teachers and staff members. Mandarin is thought as additional language in Primary Years program to equip student with possibility to communicate with other international students.

In overall, Early Years program in Ascot as British Kindergarten School in Bangkok has 3 steps. It covers the program for Nursery class, Kindergarten class, and Reception class. The learning materials are designed to enable student to learn and play at the same time. In overall it is covered 7 majors; 3 primes and 4 specifics areas. The prime subjects are communication & language, physical growth, and then social and emotional development. Meanwhile the specifics subjects are literacy, math, introduction about the world, and basic art.

Nursery Class

Children with the age of 2.5 years old enter the Nursery class to enhance their independency and learning ability. Most of the time, they will spend their time in the playground. Climbing the frame, jumping, hide and seek with friends are their favorite activities. They also thought to do more by themselves such as how to dress, how to tidy up their shoes, and how to feed themselves with food. Therefore at this class student get some snacks and milk to help them practice how to feed.The daily nap facility is also available here, so whenever the nursery children feel tired after overall activities, then they could take a rest for a while before continue their class.

Kindergarten Class

After a year attending the nursery class, then the student move on one step to kindergarten class to start learning about how to read and write. Off course they start from a simple phonic lesson to learn about how to spell a single letter. They also thought to write this letter and practice it with some learning tools to identify a correct letter.

Reception Class

Last stage in Early Years program is a reception class. At this level, student prepared to understand how to spell a word correctly, including how to read and write it properly. Normally children with the age of 4.5 years old join this class and follow the preparation step before they enter Primary School.

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