The Best Uni Accommodation in Southampton

With two highly renowned universities, including the prestigious University of Southampton, the city of Southampton has a thriving student population that attracts both domestic and international students. Because of this, the city is home to a wide selection of accommodation options for students attending university in Southampton.

Let’s take a closer look at the best uni accommodation currently available in Southampton:

Halls of Residence

Students attending the University of Southampton or Southampton Solent University have the option to use halls of residence for their accommodation.

This is good option for students seeking that classic student accommodation experience, where you live amongst fellow students from the university, making it especially good for meeting people and settling into your new surroundings.

The University of Southampton has the widest choice for halls of residence, with ten different halls located throughout the city. This ensures there are plenty of choices to suit most budgets and personal preferences.

For instance, some halls of residence are close to the university campus, which are great for getting to class with minimal fuss, while others are located closer city centre. Staying closer to the heart of the city is always a popular choice as there will be no shortage of shops, pubs, restaurants, and other must-have student amenities.

However, it’s worth nothing that staying at halls of residence does have its disadvantages. For one thing, halls tend to be very noisy at the quietest of times, so distractions may be commonplace, especially during weekends.

There is also the chance of there being quite a mess, especially because you can’t choose housemates so could end up living with a messy person, while finding alone time is often hard to come by.

It’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of each for those considering staying at halls of residence when attending university in Southampton.

Private Student Accommodation

For those seeking an even better experience at university look no further than private student accommodation. While more expensive than halls of residence or living at home, the experience is virtually unrivalled.

Similar to halls of residence but owned and managed by private companies, this type of accommodation ensures a higher quality living experienced with better facilities, furniture, and locations typically present in private accommodation.

With private accommodation, you enjoy the upmost privacy and life of luxury, which is very hard to come by in halls of residence. The accommodation is basically like living in your own apartment, with shared and solo accommodation options available, so its easy to find the right living situation.

In most cases, private student accommodation in Southampton means a prime location in the city but nearby to the university, or at least near to good transport links so you can get there quickly. This means being at the heart of the student night life and social scene while still being able to get to classes in the morning!

Furthermore, expect high speed Wi-Fi, lots of living and storage space, not to mention all-inclusive bills that cover everything from electricity to heating to water to internet.

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