As kids we learn things quickly and grasping is one of the forte’s that children possess, as we grow older, we find it difficult to learn some of the things. One of them is music unless you are musically inclined and have a passion for it. Picking up an instrument as an adult and learn the nuances may take some time to master. The piano is one of such instruments which isn’t easy to learn. But it is not impossible, if you practice and get a tutor, or learn online or elsewhere, the dedication will play a part in your learning to play the piano.We can all learn piano

how to pick it up

It isn’t something you can pick overnight, it is an instrument where you would have to love first and befriend the notes and music will play through you when you understand each other. As an adult you may think that there are already so many things I have got to do and why pick up another, but having a passion or hobby is very good for the body and brain in general as it keeps the brain active and alert, it’s a huge stress buster and in calming frayed nerves and you could marvel that some of the best pieces of music have come out when you are all tensed up or let down. A lot of people can learn piano.

learn piano

Adults need never feel that it is too late to try new things in life, when you experiment with want you can do and can’t do, you will surprise yourself more than ever that you would end up doing most things that you were afraid to try out. Our bodies have muscle memory and they will not let you down when you try to have some adventure at learning new things. It must be noted that the pace of learning may be slow, or the way your hands move won’t be as fast and your eyes won’t be as good as they were, yet the inner rhythm will take charge and once you are engulfed with the flow of music your fingers will run along the notes automatically like never before.

When you teach the brain new things, it is a good way of keeping it active and away from many age-related ailments. It is by the magic of music that even certain parts of the brain start functioning well as studies have claimed, hence it is a healthy exercise for you to pick up any instrument and get on the journey of learning music. Fixing a schedule initially is cumbersome when you are still active and working, but when you develop the passion for learning the piano, you definitely make time for it. You could start with getting your friends enrolled and together you could learn, this would be a great bonding session, or you could learn it with your spouse, it would be a nice couple time and challenge who would pick the notes right. There are also adults who can learn with their grandchildren and together it would be a great way to connect

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