Sonic Gun Cleaning – Ensuring proper cleaning of your firearm

Be it antique guns lovers, shooting-range operators, hunters, law enforcement agencies, or shooting fanatic, investment in firearms is significant for them. An important aspect in holding a firearm is its planning for maintenance.

Keeping your firearm clean and well maintained is very important to guarantee proper and safe working of your firearm. However, sometimes you don’t get time to service your weapon so you look for firearm cleaning services to handle this for you. Gun repair shops, firearm owners, law enforcement agencies, shooting range operators, military and gun clubs extensively uses Sonic cleaning service.

Your firearm needs removing residue from powder, lead shavings, old lubricants, and any other contaminant which can impact the working and performance of the weapon. Sonic gun cleaning service is one of the most preferred services for firearm cleaning due to its efficient cleaning process. The service includes the use of a stainless steel tank containing sonic cleaning solution, prepared for such cleaning purposes.

 Stripping of the Weapon

To clean the weapon, stripping it down is the first step. The weapon cleaning service provider gives proper attention to this step to ensure complete safety and performance.

To disassemble a revolver, the hammer is cocked, removing the yoke and the cylinder assembly from the frame. They remove side plates after separating the parts to ensure proper cleaning of every part of the revolver

 Semi-automatic weapons are stripped by breaking them down into individual parts to expose every part of the weapon to the cleaner.

AR uppers can be cleaned too, but it is suggested to remove all electronic parts like scope before starting the cleaning to protect electronic components.

If the weapons have any exterior paint job, The Sonic Cleaning Service will take care of it too. The advanced heaters used, allows the setting temperature of the cleaning solution to the level which is recommended by the firearm manufactures. The temperature is carefully adjusted considering the paints used and also for other upgrades.

Steps for Sonic gun cleaning

After disassembling the firearm as per the instructions of manufacturers, any loose contaminants are removed with a brush and then the parts are kept into the basket. The basket is then kept in the solution for 10 minutes. After this, the basket is removed and the parts are examined for cleanliness. If the weapon parts are clean, parts are wiped and kept for drying in the compressor. This is done to reduce any chance of dust particles scratching the surface of the parts of the firearm.

Every part is now separately cleaned to remove carbon if any still left. Parts are then lubricated properly to reduce wear and tear. After cleaning and lubricating the parts of the firearm, the parts are re-assembled to bring the firearm back to its functionality.

The re-assembling process is done with the utmost care in a sterile environment ensuring no harm is made to any part of the weapon. The assembled firearm is now oiled properly to bring back the finish of the firearm.

Cleaning process removes all the residual components from the firearm to ensure safe handling of the weapon. Sonic Gun Cleaning Service ensures that all the oil, grease, carbon and lead shavings are removed from the firearm. This leaves your firearm free from any residue and ensures smooth working.

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